Saturday, May 24, 2014

Justice League #30

   Part of the problem with the "New 52" is that we're not always sure where we stand with the history of some characters - even those who have been around for decades.

   Lex Luthor is a good example. We know he's a villain, of course, but the residents of the DC Universe seem to be unsure. There are comments made about him breaking the law in the past, and that he's worked for the military - but is he considered a super-villain, an inventor or just a ruthless businessman?

   And I should admit that I may be the only one feeling this confusion - I haven't been following the "new" Superman comic at all, and dropped Action Comics when Grant Morrison left.

   Following the events in Forever Evil, Luthor apparently is trying to re-invent himself as a hero - and thanks to a sharp script by Geoff Johns, he's doing a pretty good job of convincing both the public and some heroes that he's sincere.

   His first goal seems to be joining the Justice League - though we can certainly understand why the heroes would be hesitant to allow that (heck, they wouldn't even let Green Arrow join).

   The art is strong, which makes sense, since it's by two of DC's best: Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke, with Scott Hanna inking.

   This is a building issue, cleaning up the mess left behind from the recently-concluded event and moving forward from there. I have to admit, I'm intrigued.

   The Justice League continues to be one of the best of the "New 52" (and one of only a few that I continue to follow), so it's good to see it continuing to showcase strong story and excellent art. That's how it's supposed to be.

Grade: A-


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