Thursday, May 22, 2014

Forever Evil #7 (of 7)

   I haven't been a fan of this series, despite the excellent art by David Finch and Richard Friend.

   That's because Forever Evil has been a dark, gloomy, grim and gritty look at a DC Universe where the heroes are virtually all put out of commission, and the villains have run free.

   That ultimately led to a battle between villains, as a Lex Luthor-led team of villains takes on the Crime Syndicate (the Earth-3 version of the Justice League).

   So, expect death, destruction and a few plot twists along the way in the Geoff Johns story.

   It comes off as a desperate attempt to gin up attention. Like all too many events, it seems built only to set up the next event series - that last page puts us on familiar ground for the next cataclysmic battle.

   This issue's big sin (other than the casual brutality and murder) is that it changes the rules as it goes along. The first issues set up the Crime Syndicate as invincible, but here they seem awfully easy to defeat.

   This would have been a fine story as a couple of issue of Justice League - but seven issues, spread over about nine months, just leaves it all stretched too thin to work.

   Hopefully the next event will be more successful.

Grade: B-



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