Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fantastic Four #4

   I keep hoping this series will take off, but so far it seems to be dragging its feet.

   This issue of the Fantastic Four is entirely given over to a fight between the FF and the new Frightful Four (which bears a strong resemblance to the Wrecking Crew).

   But it's not a particularly creative battle - for the most part, the bad guys just use the Thing as a punching bag - but he's a crafty brawler who should be able to hold his own.

   Writer James Robinson brings a few interesting twists, but mostly it's just a lot of noise and not much story.
   The art by Leonard Kirk, Karl Kesel and Jay Leisten is very good - dynamic and exciting, capturing the action nicely - but so far, the story isn't holding up its end.

Grade: B-



Anonymous said...

Giving this book a B- is kind. I'm hanging on barely, but it seems to be going nowhere. I'm about start rereading the Kirkman issues of FF instead...

Bobby Nash said...

Sad to hear. I love the FF, but haven't been able to pick this new run up yet. Sorry to hear the story isn't working.