Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catching Up!

   I'm falling down on the job this weekend, gentle readers!

   I ran out of town for some family fun and managed a triple fail on the blog:

   1) I didn't get a comic review posted on Friday (I barely got one done for Saturday);
   2) I missed Free Comic Book Day - I tried to visit the local shop in the town I was visiting, but the line was down the block - I didn't have the time (or energy) to stand in the line;

   3) I haven't seen Amazing Spider-Man 2 yet - a friend tells me he loved it, but other reviews haven't been so kind. I hope to post a review within the next few days.

   If you have any comments about Free Comic Book Day (or any other releases), send 'em along to our email at Chuckscomicoftheday AT and I'll post it here.

   Thanks for your patience with me - much appreciated!



Anonymous said...

It was a nice Free Comic Book Day at my LCS here in Colorado. Fun to see kids dressed in costumes and the store was packed. I grabbed Atomic Robo and Rocket Raccoon. My 8YO picked up Teen Titans Go! A fun day.

I really enjoy your reviews. Keep 'em coming.


Chuck said...

Thanks, Bret!