Saturday, May 31, 2014

Avengers #30

   I admit that I'm a big fan of writer Jonathan Hickman, but I do think he made a bit of a stumble over in the New Avengers.

   When the Illuminati (a secret organization of Marvel's greatest minds, dedicated to saving the world by any means necessary) realized Captain America was going to oppose their plans to stop the incursions of alternate Earths, they had Dr. Strange erase Cap's memory.

   It was a bit of a direct swipe from a similar story some years ago in Justice League, where Batman's memory was wiped.

   Now, that thread is being examined in The Avengers, where Cap's memory has returned and he's gathered some powerful allies to confront Tony Stark, in a face-off that seems awfully similar to Marvel's Civil War.

   Of course, recurring story threads are pretty common in the history of comics - and to Hickman's credit, he's taking this story into uncharted territory. Namely, the future.

   In the middle of the confrontation, the Time Gem mysteriously appears, whisking the team in the (somewhat) near future, where they get some crucial information - and make some staggering decisions.

   It's a meaty, far-reaching story that promises to influence the next big event book.

   The art by Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan is quite good - unique, sweeping and intense.

   As with past issue by Hickman, this is challenging stuff, as he lays out elements and revelations that will keep readers guessing for some time.

   And while some elements are familiar, most of it is shockingly new and different - and well worth following. Heck, this issue is worth it for the Hawkeye moments.

Grade: A 


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