Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aquaman and he Others #2

   It was a running gag in the New X-Men (especially in the late '70s) that every time the team took a ride in an aircraft, it was shot out of the sky.

   Apparently that shtick has now been taken over (at least for this month) by Aquaman and the Others, as the issue starts with their ship being shot out of the sky.

   They quickly realize they've made a big mistake - no one on the team can fly!

   The issue is dedicated to getting to know the members of the team, as they try to rescue the sister of a fallen companion - and stumble onto a plot that has ties to Atlantis!

   This is a middle-of-the-road series - well-crafted comic book entertainment from writer Dan Jurgens and artists Ian Medina and Allen Martinez - but it's building slowly, and the team members are mostly ciphers so far.

   But it's getting there.

Grade: B


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