Thursday, May 1, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man #1

   At last the real Spider-Man (Peter Parker) is back, so I happily pick up an issue to see if my favorite hero is back in good form.

   Sadly, no.

   Instead of a special first issue that brings back the greatest hero in comics, we have a special issue that serves as a commercial / teaser for upcoming issues (how I hate paying for promos), features a reprint of Inhuman #1 (I already paid for a copy that I didn't enjoy, thanks), and has a lead story that features the return of goofy, inept Spider-Man who bumbles around fighting third-string villains (I was hoping for funny, heroic, adventurous Spider-Man who can match any villain). And yes, there's a big difference between a hero who's funny and one who is goofy.

   Oh, and it cost 6 bucks.

   The art is by a small army of artists, with rather mixed results - some is quite good, some is pretty shaky - it all feels very rushed and disjointed. And why does his "fiancee" look like a 12-year-old? Is she really three feet tall?

   I'm asking because I have no idea.

   It's a shame - for several decades (starting when I picked up my first issue in the mid-'60s) Spider-Man was my favorite super-hero. But I dropped his title years ago when the company lost sight of what made him a great character. This was a step in the right direction toward getting Spidey back to that spot - but judging by this issue, he still has a long hike ahead of him.

Grade: C


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