Monday, April 7, 2014

Real Heroes #1

   Bryan Hitch has made his name in the comics industry as a terrific artist, but for what may be the first time, he's also taking on the writing chores.

   The result is Real Heroes, and it's one of those comics where things are not what they seem.

   (The trick, of course, is talking about it without giving away any of the surprises.)

   The focus is on a super-team known as The Olympians and the connection between that team an a group of actors. What seems like fun and games suddenly becomes deadly serious, and the question is, who will be a real hero, and who will be a fraud?

   It's a clever bit of business as the characters are mash-ups of familiar heroes and real-life individuals (you'll recognize them as they fly past).

   As always, Hitch's art (inked by Paul Neary) is fantastic - taking comic art to a new level of realism while maintaining a dynamic energy.

   The good news is, his writing is also quite good (if a bit wordy in the beginning), as he sets up an interesting conflict and an intriguing cast of characters.

   When Hitch tackles a series, attention should be paid - and this is definitely a series to watch.

Grade: A



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