Thursday, April 24, 2014

Original Sin #0

   It's time for Marvel's latest event, and I already hate Original Sin.

   To be fair, I don't hate this issue. It focuses on The Watcher, one of Marvel's oldest characters and one of the all-time greatest cosmic supporting characters.

   Considering that his race has always been dedicated to watching events, but forbidden to interfere (wink, wink), he's a fascinating character - and when he shows up, it usually means something big is about to happen.

   Mark Waid writes this issue, which is a great recap of the history and purpose of the character, as seen through the eyes of one of Marvel's newest heroes - Nova.

   Jim Cheung, Paco Medina and five inkers provide the artwork, and it's excellent, giving the Watcher a suitably alien look and environment, but instilling in the characters a strong heft and real-world grit. Lovely work.

   So what's not to like? It's the well-advertised promise that the event will focus on the death of the Watcher.

   It's a story point with no bite. Even if it stands, another Watcher will simply be assigned to take his place. And it's difficult to believe that a cosmic being capable of watching alternate realities isn't able to protect himself from an attack from a mortal creature.

   I know, I shouldn't pre-judge.

   I'll read the series, because I love the characters - it also will include the original Nick Fury, which also causes concern, frankly, since these events are required to include one or more "shocking" deaths.

    So I'll buy it. And then I'll have good reason to hate it. (Kidding! Mostly.)

Grade: A-



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