Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Justice League United #0

   I admit that I was going to pass this comic up - does the world really need another Justice League title?

   But when I saw it at the comics shop, I picked it up - because there on the cover was one of my all-time favorite characters, Adam Strange.

   So I bought Justice League United - and enjoyed it quite a bit.

   Writer Jeff Lemire is actually creating Justice League Canada here, including a new character and quite a few old favorites, including Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Green Arrow, Animal Man and (eventually) Supergirl.

   The team is called together to investigate an apparent alien invasion, and the story is told with humor and sets up an interesting mystery.

   The art by Mike McKone is very good, with strong visuals and layouts and some lovely environments - and I like his heroic character designs.

   The only thing I don't like is the handling of Adam Strange. The original character was the thinking man's hero, outwitting menaces and traveling across the gulf of space to Rann (and his beloved Alanna), where he was a planetary hero. Back on Earth, he was unknown.

   But in the "New 52," that's all been pitched. Instead, he's an archaeologist on Earth who stumbles onto alien artifacts. Alanna is his research assistant. He's not particularly capable or interesting here (though, granted, we're in the early part of the team's origin).

   It's discouraging, but hopefully it'll be rectified soon. If not, I'll be dropping this one quickly.

Grade: B


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