Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fantastic Four #3

   It's just my opinion, of course, but I don't think the Fantastic Four lend themselves to dark storylines.

   Which is not to say that they can't be part of stories wherein bad things happen. But at their core, the team is built on a sense of optimism - and that aspect is not much in evidence (so far) in this story.

   Of course, you have to expect that from a story titled "The Fall of the Fantastic Four."

   So we've seen New York suffer under an attack by a strange army of inhuman creatures (not to be confused with the actual Inhumans) - an attack that seemed to originate in the Baxter Building (the FF's home).

   And this issue focuses on Johnny Storm, who's suffering some unexpected aftereffects in the wake of that attack. We also check in on the rest of the extended family as they go on a unusual tour - and Reed Richards makes a shocking discovery.

   To its credit, this issue finally kicks into high gear - but not until the final pages.

   The art by Leonard Kirk and Karl Kesel is very good, with strong character designs and impressive environments.

   I'm trying to be patient - I know writer James Robinson is capable of excellent work - but this story is taking its sweet time in rolling out. But so far, I'm hanging in there.

Grade: B+



Peter Wallace said...

I was surprised at the number of references to early FF stories throughout this issue. I'm prepared to not like where this is going, but so far I like it pretty good.

Chuck said...

Pete, I have been enjoying the "Easter Eggs" - this issue's mention of Asbestos Man, for example. I just wish the story was more in the style of classic stories, too.