Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BubbleGun #5

   This series has been a wacky, offbeat science fiction tale of futuristic mercenaries and their battle with a corporate giant.

   But this issue of BubbleGun (which wraps up the mini-series) feels rushed, like the creative team - writer Mark Roslan and artist ­Mike Bowden - realized about halfway through the issue that they only had a few pages left to wrap everything up.

   The issue is a big fight sequence, as the BubbleGun team works with its bitter enemies to fight a powerful opponent (and his army of robots). Molli leads this offbeat gathering in an attempt to rescue her sister and a cyber-boy (whatever that is).

   It's all chaotic, with spunky gals taking on hulking guys in armor.

   It's fast and breezy, and the art is fun (if a bit uneven in spots). The series has lots of potential - and I love the title - so hopefully it'll get another run to prove itself.

Grade: C+


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