Friday, April 4, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #1

   So far this week is 0-for-2.

   Today's "swing and a miss" is Aquaman and the Others.

   I was surprised, because I enjoyed the original story that introduced the offbeat team of Aquaman's pre-Justice League allies.

   The story by Dan Jurgens covers the basics - it introduces the members of the team, puts them in danger immediately (they're all attacked by mysterious mercenaries), brings Aquaman into the mix and provides a bit of a cliffhanger (which teases the next big crossover event).

   But the story just meanders around without explaining much of anything. Why are the team's powers malfunctioning? Who is behind the mercenaries? Why should we be cheering on the Others? You'll get no answers here.

   The art by Lan Medina and Allen Martinez is solid, with good character designs and traditional layouts, but it suffers the usual team book problem - it has to crowd so many characters in, the art feels cramped and limited.

   It's a weak start to the series, though there's time to turn it around. The story features several unique, compelling characters - they just need some room to fly.

Grade: B-


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