Thursday, April 10, 2014

All-New X-Men #25

   A comic hitting issue #25 hasn't traditionally been a big deal, but in these days of constant renumbering, I suppose it's something of a milestone.

    Writer Brian Michael Bendis celebrates this "milestone" issue of All-New X-Men by gathering an all-star cast of artists to provide some terrific artwork.

   The story is a pretty thin (and actually somewhat grim) excuse for several poster images of the team and assorted members. But the art almost makes up for it.

   Among the artists included: Bruce Timm, Arthur Adams, Justin Posner, Skottie Young, JG Jones, J. Scott Campbell, Jill Thompson, Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek (among 26 total artists listed).

   It's an odd mishmash, but there's a lot of talent on display here.

   So what's the next milestone - #30?

Grade: B



Anonymous said...

The next Milestone is probably #25.1.


Chuck said...

Ha! Spot on, Bret.