Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thor: God of Thunder #20

   Writer Jason Aaron has developed a structure for his stories about Thor that focuses on the God of Thunder in the distant past, the present or the distant future (or some combination thereof).

   It's an interesting thought, but it seems to defeat a key dramatic point - namely, how can the reader be concerned about Thor in the past or present when we know he survives to fight on a far-in-the-future Earth?

   I know, it's not like comic books characters ever die permanently - but part of the suspension of disbelief is forgetting that the character is never in any real danger.

   So, this issue looks at Thor in the present, as he fights against the evil Roxxon corporation by causing billions of dollars of destruction (somehow avoiding a single injury to an innocent victim) - not exactly a heroic solution to the problem.

   We also see Old Geezer Thor taking on even older and geezier Galactus (who's still spry enough to consume the Earth).

   The art by Esad Ribic is certainly outstanding, with some impressive designs and god-sized action sequences (all ably augmented by Ive Svorcina's color art).

   But the story has a split personality - in one half Thor tackles a foe that offers little resistance, while in the other he's (mostly) outmatched.

   I'm still surprised they've made no effort to bring this title in line with the incredibly successful movies version. You know, the one with the Thor who acts like a hero.

Grade: B+



Peter Wallace said...

I'm just not into this version of Thor, and you make a good point about all these different Thors, past present future. The art is great but the stories just leave me flat. I would love to have a more classic version back!

Chuck said...

You and me both, Pete!