Friday, March 21, 2014

Superman Unchained #6

  Every time I start to like this series, it does something to change my mind.

   This issue of Superman Unchained, for example, starts off with a serious challenge for Earth's heroes: someone has launched every atomic missile in the world (in case you were wondering, there are 219 of them).

   Not even Superman can stop them all - so he has to team up with the Wraith - or does he?

   We also get another battle between those two powerhouses - and Superman actually has a civilized discussion with Lois Lane!

   So there are some things to like. But the story also plays fast and loose with its solutions to the problems (all terribly convenient), and it gets back to the "United States military is trying to kill Superman" story point that I really despise. ("Thanks for saving the world time and again, Superman - but we have to kill you now.")

   Even the art feels a bit rushed this time around, though Jim Lee's work is still outstanding.

   Apparently this title has become a limited series (news reports say it's supposed to wrap up in April with issue #9) - which is good, because that means there's an end in sight. So much potential, only a fraction of it realized - what a shame.

Grade: B-


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