Saturday, March 29, 2014

Silver Surfer #1

   I've been a fan of the Silver Surfer since his first appearance (way back in Fantastic Four #48, if I remember correctly).

   He's been through quite a few changes over the years, as creative teams have struggled to find the proper approach. He began as a cold, analytical creature (in his early Stan Lee / Jack Kirby FF appearances), became a pacifist (in the original Stan Lee / John Buscema series), became more of a mainstream cosmic hero (in the Steve Englehart / Marshall Rogers series) and has been through any number of reboots over the years since.

   For this series, the creative team is writer Dan Slott and artist Michael Allred, so you'd expect an original approach.

   You will not be disappointed.

   The story brings us a Surfer who no longer works for Galactus, and now roams the universe doing good deeds. His good works bring him to the attention of a strange alien race that ask for his help defending their home against a cosmic menace - and a strange and wondrous home it is!

   But somehow the Surfer's fate is tied to a young woman on Earth. She leads a calm life, working at a Bed and Breakfast Inn with her father - so what is her connection to the Surfer?

   That will wait for future issues, of course.

   With a unique cosmic outlook and lots of mysteries to unwind, this is a promising start for this new series - and a good take on the Silver Surfer. So far.

Grade: A-


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