Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sandman Overture #2

   After a bit of a gap between the first and second issue (like, five months), the second issue of the Sandman Overture series brings with it a wonderfully trippy experience.

   We start with the modern-day version of Sandman going on a mysterious (but short) journey - and then we're launched into a multiversal meeting between a variety of incarnations of Dream.

   It's actually a lot of fun to see how he reacts to his own foibles as the Sandmen (for lack of a better term) carry on a funny - and deep - conversation as they try to solve the mystery: why were they brought together and who has the power to manage such a feat?

   I don't want to give anything away - although this issue is obtuse enough to make it difficult to sort out some events - but longtime fans will be glad to know that one incarnation of Dream is... a cat. (I know, right?)

   As always, Neil Gaiman provides a wonderful, thoughtful and imaginative story (though casual readers will find it a bit difficult to sort out).

   It's perfectly illustrated by the gifted J.H. Williams III, who creates stunning dreamscapes and an amazing variety of alternate Dreams.

   I'm very happy to see this series back in circulation, though (of course) I hope it won't be quite such a long pause between chapters.

Grade: A-


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