Tuesday, March 4, 2014

King Conan #1

   I've been looking forward to the return of the King Conan series, as it reunites the team that is - in my opinion - the best writer / artist combination since the days when Roy Thomas and Barry Smith tackled the adventures of our favorite barbarian.

 The latest team supreme includes writer Timothy Truman, who has really tapped into the essence of what makes Robert E. Howard's stories so compelling and entertaining - it's a great mix of action, adventure and intrigue.

   The art is by Tomas Giorello (with color art by Jose Villarrubia), and his work is exceptional, breathing life into the Hyborean Age, creating architecture and vessels, bandits and monsters with equal skill. Each character radiates intense emotion, the action sequences are stunning and the costuming is spot on.

   The story they're adapting is the second half of Howard's only novel-length adventure, Conan the Conqueror. The first half of the story (which wrapped s few months ago) told the story of how King Conan lost his crown, nearly lost his life, met his future wife, discovered the means to fight back against the powerful sorcerer who stands against him, and set out on a quest to recover the powerful artifact that can save his kingdom.

   The issue starts the second half of the story, wherein Conan continues his quest despite the powerful forces working against him.

   It's a terrific, red-blooded, no-holds-barred saga, brought to life by one of the best creative teams in the business. You really should be buying this comic - it's terrific!

Grade: A


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