Friday, January 17, 2014

Superman Wonder Woman #4

   I realize I'm a geezer, a fuddy-duddy, out of it, an old-timer - (you get the idea) - but I'm surprised that no one (that I've seen) has commented on the fact that, for the first time outside of Imaginary Stories (as far as I know), Wonder Woman has had sex.

   And with Superman, no less.

   Both characters have always been treated as virginal - although Superman (Clark Kent) obviously crossed that line when he married Lois Lane.

   But it's a subject that's always been avoided by Wonder Woman. She's had some romantic interests, but before the "new 52" version, she never crossed that line.

   The modern version, it has been implied, is much more modern in her attitudes about sex - she has had "relations" with the new version of Steve Trevor, and now the never-was-married Man of Steel.

   It's a more realistic version of the character, although the relationship still feels hollow - the two characters are so different (especially now) that they're barely plausible as teammates, much less as lovers. But it makes for an interesting story.

   The series is addressing the effect their relationship is having on the world, so that's interesting, and it's setting up a confrontation with General Zod, the writing is sharp and the art is quite good.

   It's a good series, and one imagines Wonder Woman has to be happy to finally break through that "no sex" barrier.

Grade: B+


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Frabk Castle said...

Heh. I guess I don't care because I gave up on DC not too far into their Nu52 launch. The only thing I've been buying is Masters of the Universe- and even that it pretty bad.