Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Avengers #13

   Like its counterpart book, The Avengers, there's no slacking off in the post-Infinity adventures of the New Avengers.

   The Earth is being threatened by incursions from alternate realities, as a cosmic incident is causing other Earths to intrude on Marvel's Earth - with the result that either one or both Earths are destroyed.

   There have been several such incursions so far, and each time, Marvel-Earth has survived - but this issue gives us a look at a couple of alternate Earths. One seems very familiar - but the other may feature an unbeatable defense.

   It's a great teaser for both the ongoing Inhumanity story and a great way to build suspense for the conflict that's coming.

   Once again, writer Jonathan Hickman provides a sharp script - there's a lot going on here - and the story nicely plays to the strengths of artist Simone Bianchi, with dark doings, fantastic vistas and grim battles to the finish.

   And while the story's a bit darker than I might prefer, it's certainly captivating, and I'm anxious to see the next chapter.

Grade: A


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