Friday, January 24, 2014

Justice League #27

   Well, this issue of Justice League manages to keep the Forever Evil-related body count and grisly factor to a relatively small number - though it means the new Doom Patrol has a short run.

    But it's easy to forgive this issue's gnarly excesses because the rest of the issue is loaded with a more upbeat focus on Cyborg as he rebuilds and reinvents himself to prepare for the coming battle with the Crime Syndicate.

    We also get some tantalizing glimpses of something called the Red Room, some hints about the possible future for the Doom Patrol and a certain other Silver Age team (who shall go nameless here).

   Since it breaks from the ongoing depressing origins of the members of the evil JL, this issue by Geoff Johns gets a moderate
"attaboy" from me - though it spends more time setting the stage for upcoming events rather than actually moving the story forward.

    There's no denying the art by Ivan Reis is excellent, and I love his redesign for Cyborg - no doubt that character will follow Iron Man's lead and get a new look with great regularity.

   This issue continues to be subservient to the Forever Evil series - and with months to go before that ends, it's kinda sad that this has been the high point so far.

Grade: B




Anonymous said...

I get that the Doom Patrol (my favorite characters, BTW) are supposed to be out-of-kilter and "doomed" heroes compared to others, but they have been simply tortured by DC since the Grant Morrison run ended. Sure, GM's version might not have been for everyone, but the characters still resonated. I'm not even sure I care anymore....

Chuck said...

I think that's true - in an attempt to make the team "edgy" they just turn the characters into uninteresting punching bags. Or monsters. Not interested.

Anonymous said...

I actually went out in the snow and bought this issue. Wow. So bad. Even the Cyborg origin of sorts was... Meh.