Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BubbleGun #4

   This is a series that's all about growing up - although it's a process that's been forced on Molli (she who wields the BubbleGun).

    That's because her sister has been taken prisoner, and it's up to her to lead her team of mercenaries in two separate prison breaks!

    First they have to rebuild the team - so she makes arrangements for a fast ship, and then gathers some high-powered (and high tech) recruits.

   But will all of it be enough to overcome almost impossible odds?

   That's all part of the fun, and the story by Mark Roslan zips along at top speed, rarely slowing down.

   The art by Mike Bowden is fun and high-spirited, though a bit rough in spots - but he brings this strange world of the future to life!

   Next issue wraps up the opening storyline, and then we'll see what the future holds for the attractive and fun BubbleGun!

Grade: B


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