Sunday, January 26, 2014

Batman #27

   It's amazing to me that Scott Snyder, the writer who seems to be struggling so badly on Superman Unchained, is the same guy who's turning in such great work on the "New 52" version of Batman.

   This issue flashes back six years into the past to a Batman just beginning his career. He faces a deadly trap that could end his career almost before it begins, because he can't fight back when his attackers are law enforcement officials.

   And to make matters worse - they're aided by one of his deadliest enemies.

   And this is a refreshing take on that villain, along with some great character insights into Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and Bruce's relationship with them both.

   As always Greg Capullo provides outstanding artwork, terrific action sequences - and a few grisly moments.

   This continues to be one of the best of the New 52 books - and while it's not a book for kids, it's one mature readers will love.

Grade: A-


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