Thursday, January 9, 2014

Avengers World #1

   This is where I start worrying that Marvel is over-extending its Avengers brand (gee, do you think?) and - more dangerously - burning out its top writer, Jonathan Hickman.

   So I approached the new Avengers World with some trepidation.

   The first thing we notice is that they're brought in a co-writer, Nick Spencer - that's a smart move.

   And the artist is Stefano Caselli, who does great work here - dark, moody and imaginative.

   The story doesn't quite work for me, but that's probably because it's just getting underway - we're just seeing the setup here.

   I love a lot of things about the script - the return of strong characters (including a great surprise from one of Hickman's earlier series), a really massive menace, some great dialogue and plenty of surprises - this may end up being another terrific series to follow.

   It's just a bit too early to say for sure. But it's off to a promising start.

   But please, Marvel - enough Avengers titles for now, OK?

Grade: A-


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