Monday, January 20, 2014

All-New X-Men #21

   What an interesting artifact this is.

   This issue of All-New X-Men actually has a flashback sequence to one of the first Graphic Novels Marvel printed in 1982 - God Loves, Man Kills was written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Brent Anderson.

   It focused on a religious movement that hated mutants, used violence against them and tried to eliminate them altogether.

   The first four pages of this issue is a flashback to that story, and it's again drawn by Anderson (I'm pretty sure these pages aren't just reprints, but new pages created for this issue - though I could be wrong).

   The rest of the issue is set in modern times, drawn by the excellent Brandon Peterson.

   But you get the sense that this issue is just marking time, perhaps getting things ready for the upcoming "Trial of Jean Grey" (whatever that is). The story by Brian Michael Bendis is surprisingly straightforward - the X-Men are captured by the fanatics, and then escape - and that's about it.

   It's almost worth picking up just for the art - but that's the only thing exceptional about it.

Grade: B


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