Tuesday, December 31, 2013

El Vox's Top 10 for 2013

   Here's a Top 10 list from El Vox:

Good job Anonymous. Your descriptions were insightful & I enjoyed reading about what you enjoyed reading thru the year.

I'd have a few of those on my Top Ten as well, not in any particular order:

I'd agree on:

1. Saga -- a Romeo & Juliet story set in a SF environment. I'll admit I was a bit taken back by some of the profanity, wondering if it's really necessary, but after a while, I just went with it, and I guess I can sort of understand what Vaughan is trying to do. You never know where it's going or what will happen next, which is why it has the audience it does.

2. The Black Beetle -- a throwback to old pulps and serials, and I really dug the artwork by Francesco Francavilla.

3. The Walking Dead -- Negan, the main villain, is hard to take, and I wonder if Kirkman isn't painting himself into a corner with all the badassery--how do you top Negan with a new villain? It's a bit much for me. I don't know if I'll continue reading or even if I've liked the direction it has taken from issue #100 onward--but I'm still reading them--guess that says something.

4. Hawkeye -- it's hard not to like this book with the layout and art. I thought the stories had a stream of conscience feel to them, which took me a bit to get into. Pretty good book.

5. Fatale -- I enjoy horror when done well, and H P Lovecraft, so it's a given if you throw in some pulp and a mystery, I'm going to get hooked. I really enjoy Brubaker, for whatever reason, he can hook me into something pretty quickly.

6. Lazarus -- I'm a sucker for a dystopian SF tale. This one pretty much sates that itch. Lark's art is pretty slick looking.

7. Velvet -- it might be unfair to have this one on the list as it just started up, but I enjoyed the first issue a lot, sort of reminded me of a female James Bond, and I liked that.

8. Godzilla, The Half Century War -- this one surprised me as most of the Big G's stories are pretty much one note, but James Stokoe put the human element into the mix in this limited series -- sort of a Moby Dick tale, but with Godzilla.

9. Joe Kubert Presents -- a limited series by the late Kubert. Not all the stories worked for me in the anthology, but the ones that did I enjoyed, and I always admired his art.

10. King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon - I lost some interest with the regular Conan The Barbarian comic with the run on Belit. But Hour of the Dragon filled that void. Truman knows how to tell a story and great art by Tomas Giorella.

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