Saturday, October 12, 2013

X-Men #6

   As the "Battle of the Atom" storyline continues, we now arrive at the "All Hell Breaks Loose" part of our program.

   The story revolves around the conflict between X-Men teams from the past, present and future.

   The original team was brought through time by the present-day Beast in an attempt to calm the conflict between mutant factions. Then a team of X-Men arrived from the future to warn that the original team had to return to their original time to avoid a disastrous future.

   But that team from the future has a hidden agenda - and the sinister nature of it starts to appear and all-out warfare breaks out between the teams.

   Writer Brian Wood and artist David Lopez carry this chapter, and it's loaded with action and a few surprises.

   This continues to be one of the better X-Men events in recent memory, and despite the fact that it involves time travel, which almost always ends with the "time reboot" twist, it's shows no signs of a similar letdown.


Grade: A-


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