Monday, October 21, 2013

Trish Out of Water #1

   It's funny that most comics companies struggle to publish successful comics that star female characters - while Aspen publishes almost no other kind of comic.

   The most unusual addition to the lineup (and that's saying something) has to be Trish Out of Water, a comic that seems to focus on a normal teenage girl.

   Trish Powell spends her day thinking about friends, parties, school, the music she likes, clothes, her parents - you get the idea.

   The story by Vince Hernandez ­seems to be more soap opera than adventure - but then some odd things start cropping up, and then the story takes a very surprising turn.

   This issue is all setup, so it's too early to tell where it's going to go from here - but it's an interesting start and holds lots of promise.

   The art is by Giuseppe Cafaro with colors by Ruben Curto and Mirka Andolfo's Studio Parlapá, and it's quite good, with fresh layouts, good character designs and real-world environments.

   If you're on the fence, the good news is this is part of Aspen's "10 for 10 series" - so it's a bargain, costing only a dollar.

   Trish is no Betty or Veronica (though you might think otherwise from time to time), but she's that most rare creature - a real girl. (Well, mostly).

Grade: B+


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