Saturday, October 5, 2013

Green Lantern #24

   I have to admit that this issue delights me for a simple reason: we finally get a new and different villain (well, I think he's a villain).

   Relic is a new and unusual challenge for Green Lantern and the Corps  - he (it?) is an ancient scientist who is trying to save the universe. His theory is that the use of the spectrum energies (such as the green energy used by GL) depletes a finite reservoir of energy and causes the end of the universe.

   Relic is so overwhelmingly powerful that it seems no one can stop him - thus the title of this event, "Lights Out."

   Writer Robert Venditti has the Corps (all of them, actually) with their backs against the wall, and it's difficult to see how they survive their encounter with Relic.

   The art by Billy Tan and Rob Hunter is quite good, with lots of cosmic spectacle and over-the-top battles.

   The only thing I don't like about Relic is that his origin, stature and mode of operation seems awfully similar the a certain other giant cosmic menace, Marvel's Galactus - right down to the "survivor of a previous reality" bit.

    But after years of stories about the different Lantern Corps, it's almost a relief to see someone shutting them down. It's almost a shame that it probably won't last - at least it'll be tough to continue the series without the green light.

Grade: B+



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