Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forever Evil #2

   Now that we've slogged past "Villain Month," we've arrived at the second issue of Forever Evil, which gives the evil version of the Justice League from Earth-3 (the Crime Syndicate) the chance to start their plan to take over the Earth.

   Much of the focus is on Lex Luthor, who's hatching his own plans to fight back against the would-be world conquerers. We also see what happens when you release all the bad guys from their respective prisons and asylums at once.

   It's not pretty.

   We also see a confrontation between Johnny Quick and Atomica (the evil versions of the Flash and the Atom) and the Teen Titans.

   And not to give anything away, but this is exactly the kind of fighting skills we should see Barry Allen demonstrating over in the regular Flash comic. I'm just saying.

   So the stage is being set for confrontations around the DC Universe between the Syndicate and those villains who are refusing to bow down to the rule of the new team in town, while the few heroes left also make a stand.

   So, a sharp script by Geoff Johns, excellent artwork by David Finch and Richard Friend (though I could have done without that opening image of a rat in a trap), and a promising start to this grim tale.

   So far, so good.

Grade: A-



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