Monday, October 14, 2013

Batman #24

   Give writer Scott Snyder credit, as he tackles some heady concepts in this issue of Batman.

   This "Zero Year" story tackles such deep topics as: why would anyone live in Gotham City? And how does Bruce Wayne keep his identity a secret?

   The answers are surprisingly chatty for the modern world of comics, where less dialogue is more - but it's well-crafted and moving.

   The double-sized issue is loaded with some fun touchstones (not the least of which is a recreation of the cover to Batman's first appearance).

   The art by Greg Capullo is terrific - dynamic, emotional, dramatic and action-packed.

   Quite a few of the events included here will be very familiar to long-time readers, but it's all presented in a fresh, modern style that brings the classic tale up to modern storytelling standards.

   Excellent work all around!

Grade: A



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