Friday, September 27, 2013

Saga 14

   What a great series this is.

   Saga is that rare book that is absolutely, delightfully unpredictable. It virtually defies description.

    At its heart is the story of an infant - the child of parents from two different alien races - both which are at war. It's also about love, and friendship, and ghosts, and wooden spaceships, and robots with TVs for heads, and multiple bounty hunters, and hurling writers, and mothers-in-law - you get the idea.

   It's just an explosion of ideas from writer Brian K. Vaughn, with amazing, expressive and vibrant art by Fiona Staples.

   I hasten to add that it's not for kids - there are disturbing images, naughty words and adult situations.

   But it's all part of an adult tale that will keep you on your toes - and loving every minute of it.

   Highly, highly recommended!

Grade: A


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