Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's a Wicked New Comics Day!

    DC manages several major mistakes this week - shorting the dealers on the 3-D covers (about which I heard much grumbling in my local comics shop), swamping the stands with villain-centric comics (it would take a wealthier reader than I to buy them all), and then they imitate one of Marvel's biggest mistakes from recent years in Forever Evil

   More in the week ahead - for now, here's what I picked up:

- Avengers AI #3 - How the other half lives.

- Batman #23.1 - A Joker's tale.

- Batman Black & White #1Love those anthologies!

- Emerald City of Oz #3 - A tasty treat!

- Forever Evil #1 - Bring on the Bad Guys!

- Green Lantern #23.1 - An origin story for Relic.

- Infinity #2 - A war on several fronts. 

- Iron Man #15 - Final showdown.

- Justice League #23.1 - All Darkseid, all the time.

- Shadow Year One #5 - Blazing guns.

- The Star Wars #1Clever idea of basing a comic on the first draft of Lucas' Star Wars script.

- X-Men Battle of the Atom #1 - Hey, it's part one of the latest event!

- All-New X-Men #16 - Hey, it's part two of the latest event!

   And that's it! Whew!

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