Thursday, September 19, 2013

Infinity #3 (of 6)

   One of the big gripes about comics is that nothing ever changes - there's only the illusion of change.

   That's largely true about classic characters - but Jonathan Hickman certainly must be the writer who manages to pull off the biggest surprises while working in those constraints. Here he's ably supported by the outstanding art by Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver.

   With this issue of Infinity we hit the halfway point in this mini-series, and the issue features a couple of major events: one in deep space as the Avengers face off against the virtually-invincible fleet of the Builders; and a confrontation between Thanos and Black Bolt, with shocking consequences.

   As always, this is not an easy story to follow - there's a heck of a lot going on here. A galactic battle that involves numerous alien races and exotic settings fighting a nearly-hopeless fight against against a massive cosmic opponent. A down-to-Earth fight against one of Marvel's most powerful villains and his own powerful pawns. All involving a small army of heroes, both familiar and new.

   It's not a story for the faint of heart, and it may be that you'll have to wait until the end of the event to put all the pieces together - but it's well worth the journey, and (if experience is any indicator), your patience will be well rewarded.

Grade: A


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