Saturday, September 7, 2013

Forever Evil #1

   As set up by the interminable "Trinity War," the event book / mini-series Forever Evil picks up shortly after the end of the Justice League series of stories - but we're kept in the dark about exactly what happened.

   What we see here is a powerful force of villains gathering and setting free virtually every villain in the DC Universe.

   Of course, there's plenty of death and destruction along the way - and the promise of much more.

   What we don't see much of are heroes - only a few are seen in cameos, as the forces of evil threaten to take control of the planet - and this time, they have the power to back up their threats.

   It's a well-written story by Geoff Johns, and it features excellent art by David Finch and Richard Friend, with an impressive center-spread fold-out featuring a who's who of villains (surely someone has worked up a key for that page).

   The story also features a shocking event that proves that DC wasn't paying attention when Marvel made a similar move a few years back - and then had to go to extremes to try to correct its mistake (no, I won't spoil it for you). I predict the same outcome here.

   The comic is certainly setting up a major threat for the heroes (if any) to overcome, but the issue just feels incomplete - what good are villains without heroes to stand against them? (That is also true the other way around.)

   But with top creative minds at work, I trust this one will pay off nicely - but it's not so nice at this point.

Grade: B+


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