Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flash #23.3

   I have to admit that I've only read a couple of DC's "Villains Month" issues (there are so many of them), but my impression so far is that they're the equivalent of the old "Dreaded Deadline Doom" fill-in issues.

   Which is to say, they're stand alone stories by writers and artists I (mostly) haven't heard of, and the story has very little (if any) connection to the Forever Evil series.

    Which brings us to this issue of The Flash (where the hero is only mentioned, never seen). The Rogues have gone from being a loose-knit groups of villains to its present incarnation as a family of sorts.

   The team includes Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Glider, Trickster and Weather Wizard, and they spend most of the issue arguing about everything.

    And that's about all for this one. Not a compelling story, the art is fine but not much more than that.

   It's like the old World War II-era slogan: was this trip necessary?


Grade: C



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