Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bubblegun #3

   We just have time for a quick review, so here goes:

   The jury is still out on Bubblegun.

   I love the title, the art by Mike Bowden is a bit rough about the edges but fun and energetic, and the characters have lots of potential.

   But the problem is with the story by Mark Roslan. Set in a high-tech future, the focus is on a band of specialists who tackle dangerous (and barely legal) jobs. 

   When they stumble on a young man who holds a mysterious secret, they find themselves in a war against an assortment of opponents - and they also suffer betrayal.

   The team squares off against a big bad named Craine and his cybernetic ninja assault squad, and the issue centers around several big fights - and not much else. 

   There are some attempts at giving us some insight into the characters, but three issues in and it's all still very thin.

   This series is leaning too hard on fight scenes and angst. What we really need is a reason to care about the characters.

Grade: B-


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