Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Batman Black and White #1

   Yesterday we had our "Classic" review, so let's take a look at a new title today.

   I was happy to see this series return. Batman Black and White is an anthology series, presenting five short stories outside of continuity, all presented without color.

   And the first issue is loaded with talent. Chip Kidd and Michael Cho create a terrific throwback story (of sorts) featuring the classic Batman and Robin team, as the junior member faces a serious mystery. It's a delight.

   The second story is written and drawn by living legend Neal Adams, and it's a clever statement about crime and reality - with amazing art, of course.

   Mary Wicks and Joe Quinones provide a fun romp with Harley Quinn at her zany best, with delightful, sexy art.

   A fast-paced (and delightfully odd) tale of a race gives us a look at Bruce Wayne's love affair with the Batmobile.

   The last story is the most straightforward Batman tale in the book, as Howard Mackie and Chris Samnee pit the Dark Knight against a murderer. Worth it for the outstanding art alone, but the story is solid, too.

   If they can maintain this level of talent, this will be a series to watch. (A word to the wise: next issue includes a story by Alex Nino!)

Grade: A-




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