Monday, August 26, 2013

Wonder Woman #23

   We're coming up on two years of Wonder Woman stories in which the Amazon Princess has been off in a world of her own.

   Well, we assume it's actually the "New 52" universe, but (unless I'm blanking out here) she hasn't had any crossovers with other mainstream DC heroes in this comic.

   She has encountered the New Gods, but they've only appeared here (although Darkseid and his followers have popped up in a few places, including Earth 1 and 2).

   But the focus here has been entirely on horror, as the gods and their squabbles leave behind a string of death, dismemberment and destruction.

   Diana is trying to protect a young mother and her baby - who happens to be the last child of Zeus - and as a result has fought virtually every god in the pantheon. Some more than once.

    This issue by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang features the final battle (for now) between Diana's forces and those of the "First Born" (shouldn't he have a name?). It's mostly all-out, brutal action, but War brings some interesting allies to the dance (including some blink-and-you'll-miss-them gust stars).
   It has some shocking moments, though the ending seems somehow unresolved.

   This has been an excellent series (though as always I hasten to add that it's not for children), though I'd like to see this storyline wrapped up, so maybe we can see WW interact with some of her fellow superheroes. Or anybody who isn't a murderous immortal.

Grade: A-


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