Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Charismagic: The Death Princess #3

Heroes are often at their best when faced with overwhelming odds.

That's exactly the position of the wizard Kon as this issue of Charismagic: The Death Princess starts, as Orlana, the Death Princess takes control of his allies - so to save the Earth, he must fight the powerful sorceress and his own lethal allies.

What follows is a no-holds-barred battle that provides answers to the mysteries behind the series, including the origin of the powerful villain Samsun.

The issue written by Vince Hernandez is an action romp, with some serious consequences (although the story makes a sudden turn from death-dealing brutality to "we don't want to kill anyone").

The art by Emilio Lopez and Jocelyn Dunn is entertaining (though the layouts in a few panels seem of bit off) - they seem to be having a lot of fun with this action-packed tale - and they also provide some nice good-girl art.

So if you're looking for answers to the mysteries behind the world of Charismagic, this is a good place to start.

Grade: B


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