Thursday, August 1, 2013

Batman Inc. #13

This is the final issue in writer Grant Morrison's long run on Batman (and Batman Incorporated), and he deserves credit for wrapping the series up neatly while laying the groundwork for future stories.

He manages to squeeze in a final confrontation with Talia, a meaningful discussion between Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon, a quick check in with a major big bad, cameos by all the members of Batman Inc, and nice review of why Batman is awesome.

Not bad for a single comic book.

I continue to be somewhat surprised at how crude and violent this series has been, and this issue is no different, with lots of blood, destruction and rough language on display.

Chris Burnham's art is quite good (if a bit grisly in places), and there are some outstanding layouts and designs on display.

It'll be interesting to see if the concepts from this series (of an international "League of Batmen") are carried over into other Bat-series, or if it ends here.

The whole "Bat Inc" idea has been interesting, but perhaps a bit too unwieldy for any but the best writers - I'm not sure anyone but Morrison could manage it.

Grade: A-


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