Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guest Review: Daredevil #28

Jumping into the guest review chair is my dear friend James Cassara with a review of a comic I missed this week (my shop was shorted on its order, so hopefully it'll be there next Wednesday). He's a long-time comics fan, an excellent artist and a heck of a great guy!

Here's his review of Daredevil #28:

With or without Chris Samnee’s art, Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil has been something to savor.

Waid took the essence of what makes Daredevil such an intriguing character; his superhuman fearlessness combined with his personal failings, and ran with them in ways that few writers have been able to.

For his part Chris Samnee, whose clear storytelling and effective dynamics are the ideal match for the character, has left an equally profound mark. They’ve returned Daredevil to a place of prominence, so much so that several months ago I was inspired to write my first ever letter to a Marvel comic, which I am proud to say they published.

Given that I’ve been reading them for nearly 50 years, that says a lot.

This issue finds Javier Rodriguez filling in for Samnee as both pencil artist and colorist, and while I would love to see Samnee draw every issue I must admit he doesn’t miss a beat. Each panel flows seamlessly to the next and when he does need to open things up - such as those scenes with DD swinging over the Manhattan skyline - the results are top notch.

The recurrent storyline that has dominated the past few issues, that of Franklin “Foggy” Nelson’s battle with a life threatening form of cancer, takes a brief back seat while DD himself, as Matt Murdoch, confronts his own demon from the past: a childhood acquaintance whose constant bullying left Murdoch with deep psychological scars that quickly resurface.

Agreeing to defend his falsely arrested tormentor, Daredevil again shows why his fearlessness is not limited to taking on super powered baddies; it’s the superhero within that really defines him.

Toss in a stunning cliffhanger ending that truly had me on the edge of my seat (okay, sofa) and you’ve got a winning package all around.

Like all the best superhero comics, this recent Daredevil run has told “big” stories while focusing on the intimacies and quiet moments that really matter.

Wonderful stuff!

Grade: A+


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