Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fathom #1

This is the fifth issue that's labeled "#1" for Fathom, as the ocean-based heroine gets a (more or less) fresh new start.

Now living on dry land, she dedicates herself to using her powers to help others - for example, she's quick to the scene when an oil platform ruptures and spills a disastrous amount of oil into the ocean.

She resolves the problem with a method that would certainly come in handy in the real world.

We also see some of the other temptations Aspen Matthews must face, and see that she's taking charge of her own life.

That leads her to confront a huge, potentially deadly mystery - and run into some old enemies. (Or are they friends?)

It's a evenly-paced issue that takes its time, sets the stage quite well and launches into the next adventure.

The art by Alex Konat is lovely - both the title character and the lovely watery environments.

So, a good start to this series about a sexy and powerful woman, and a good jumping-on spot for new readers.

Who could ask for more?

Grade: A-


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