Friday, July 5, 2013

Batman Incorporated #12

I had wandered away from the Batman Incorporated comic for a while, and I admit I was lured back to see how writer Grant Morrison would handle the death of the "new" Robin, a character he created.

This issue is the next-to-the-last in the series, and judging by this one, I have to say - I'm glad they're canceling it.

That's because it depicts a Batman who seems to be unhinged by his drive for revenge. It features a Talia who is without compassion and threatens to destroy Gotham City. And it features the final fate of Robin's killer - and it includes images that are both gruesome and horrible.

The art by Chris Burnham is quite good - he definitely is inspired by Frank Quitely - but a few shots are just too graphic for my taste.

What it comes down to is this: the character depicted in this issue isn't Batman. Instead, it features a crazed vigilante who lets his anger override his judgment - something Batman would (or should) never do.

Morrison has had an interesting run of Batman stories - some outstanding, some challenging, some puzzling. I've enjoyed most of it, but this was not his finest hour.

Grade: C-



-> Ray said...

I realized recently that version of The Batman that I will alwys view as the "right" one is the version published from around 1971 to 1986... which is only 15 years out of his nearly 75 year history. Maybe I should just accept that the character changes over time, and my personal favorite period is no more valid (albeit certainly better)!

Chuck said...

Ray, I think we're all like that, with our preference for a certain version of the character. I've enjoyed several different "versions" of Batman, from the smiling athlete/detective of the early '60s to the Dark Knight of the '70s and the really Dark Knight of the '80s and '90s - but it still bothers me when a character I care about behaves in a way that's contrary to what I see as the heart of the character (like when Hal Jordan was made into a mass murderer, or what they did with Superman in the "Man of Steel" movie). Each version is valid, but some I just have to look at and say, "That story didn't happen in my version of comics."

Anonymous said...


I'm very pleased you reviewed this comic. I read it twice recently and it really stuck with me.


I'm still pretty freaked out with the "reveal" involving Talia's Vat Kid. Super disturbing, but it also made sense in a way. I agree that GM's take on Batman here is not my favorite version of the character either, but it is an interesting exploration of Batman's initial vengeance being pushed over the edge. I'm unsure where it will end, but I'm will to read it. I also agree that I'm OK with the series ending. I'd like a lot of the art and some of the new characters, but there are new and perhaps less grim places this character should go next . We'll see....

Chuck said...

The reveal was disturbing, and a bit difficult to accept - how could the character's body be adult-sized while his head was still that of a child? It just felt like it was thrown in for shock value - and it succeeded in that - but it felt out of place. Perhaps that's just my own disgust talking.