Monday, June 24, 2013

Wonder Woman #21

For the entirety of the Wonder Woman series ("New 52" edition) Diana has been at war with the gods - which is to say, the modern version of the Greek gods (and for the most part, a spiteful, murderous bunch they are).

But writer Brian Azzarello has reinvented those characters and has focused them on the struggle to gain control of an infant - the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, the child is destined to end the gods.

And there's an additional element that should delight longtime DC fans - the introduction of the New Gods into the "New 52" universe.

This issue features a hard-hitting battle, as a deliberately unnamed powerhouse attacks Wonder Woman and her friends - and he may be unbeatable.

Add a great twist at the end, the usual excellent, dynamic art by Cliff Chiang, and this continues to be one of the best of the "New 52."

Still not appropriate for young readers, sadly - but darned entertaining for those mature enough to manage it.

Grade: A-


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