Sunday, June 2, 2013

Savage Wolverine #6

This issue sadly brings us to the end of the Frank Cho written and drawn adventure of the Savage Wolverine - but it does so without actually giving us an ending.

The five issues have been building on a threat hidden in the Savage Land - a gigantic cosmic being was locked away long ago in a temple, and various forces are trying to break open that gigantic jail cell.

To that end numerous heroes have been brought together, including Wolverine, Shanna the She-Devil, Amadeus Cho and the Hulk.

Of course, you can't get Logan and the Hulk together without having some kind of fight between them - and let's just say that Wolverine lives up to the title of this comic with a particularly vicious move here.

The art, of course, is spectacular - Cho was built for this kind of project, with superheroes, beautiful women (scantily clad), monsters, dinosaurs and giant apes.

There are very few artists in Cho's league, and his comics are worth buying for the art alone.

The story isn't quite on the same level, though he's obviously having a lot of fun here, and it's contagious.

But the story doesn't really have a conclusion, so we assume it'll be picked up again one of these days.

But if Cho is drawing it, I'll be buying it.

Grade: A-


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