Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mars Attacks: Classics Obliterated (One-shot)

I was never a big fan of Classics Illustrated, though in my childhood more than one student tried to eke by an English assignment leaning on the comics adaptation (I never had the nerve to try it, myself).

But you have to smile at this concept - mashing together the comics adaptation of classic (read: public domain) stories with the irreverent, murderous and downright wacky aliens from Mars Attacks.

The result is three stories (each by a different creative team) packed in the oversized Mars Attacks: Classics Obliterated.

The opening story by Phil Hester and John McCrea is based on Moby Dick, though it's almost a prequel as it shows us a different version of the origin of Captain Ahab's hatred for the Great White Whale. This entry feels the most like the old Classics Illustrated comics, as it's loaded with text that evokes the original tale.

The second story by Beau Smith and Kelley Jones is the most entertaining, as it takes the story of Jekyll and Hyde and turns it into a modern-day romp, as the Martians run into a force of nature (and a Hulk-like beatdown). The twist ending is also a lot of fun!

The final story by Neil Kleid and Carlos Valenzuela is based on Robinson Crusoe, and it's the most offbeat of the bunch, as the story is turned on its head, providing a unique perspective and an odd fight for survival.

So overall it's something of a mixed bag (it would have been nice to see more separation between the stories - splash pages or some such), but lots of fun.

Well worth checking out, whether or not you're a fan of the classics - or Classics Illustrated.

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for the support on Mars Attacks. Much appreciated. Kelley Jones and I had a great time working on the book and our goal was for folks to enjoy us busting up London and letting readers see the Martians side of things.


Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch

Chuck said...

Beau, you keep writing 'em and I'll gladly review 'em!