Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Guest Review: GI Joe Special Missions #3

A hearty welcome to our man Glen Davis, who checks in today from our Guest Review chair.

(We welcome such things at Chuck's Comic of the Day - just email your review to the address over there on the right and we'll be glad to consider it for publication. There's no money involved, alas, but oh, what glory!)

Take it away, Glen!

IDW is having a lot of success with its Hasbro line of comic books, expanding its line to three titles. Chuck Dixon and Paul Gulacy are doing GI Joe: Special Missions.

Currently, the force is trying to salvage billions of dollars in cash from a ship fathoms below the surface of the ocean, vying for the fortune with The Baroness, and Serpentor, both of whom hope to use the treasure to win favor with Cobra Commander.

Pretty exciting, both the action, and the stuff that happens behind the lines.

The only shortcoming of the book is that I don't feel it quite captured the claustrophobic conditions of the best submarine books and movies, but it came as close as any comic book I've read.

Grade: B+


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