Friday, June 14, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

So what sets Guardians of the Galaxy apart from the usual super-team fare?

You could check off the list of what you'd expect:

Big action sequences: Check (in this case, a big prison break).

Great character interactions: Check (Rocket Raccoon gets you way ahead of the curve here).

A challenging opponent: Check (having several galactic empires after you covers it).

Lots of humor: Check (it's written by Brian Michael Bendis - what else would you expect?).

Surprises: Check (guest star Tony Stark gets in some great comments).

Great artwork: Check (more than covered by the excellent Steve McNiven and Sara Pichelli).

So what sets it apart? For one, the scale of the stories - this adventure is set on an intergalactic level, as the team faces the might of an empire that happens to feature as its ruler the father of Star-Lord.

For another, there's political intrigue: why is the aforementioned king so opposed to any of the numerous galactic empires involved making contact with the Earth?

So, lots going on, a pack of dynamic characters, great art, lots of fun - let's face it, if you like team comics, this one gives you more than you'd expect.

You should be reading GoG.

Grade: A


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